About Americana Collection

Americana slipcovers are a fast and affordable way to coordinate your home furnishings to this classic style that never goes out of fashion. It’s as simple as covering your current furniture pieces such as chairs, dining chairs, sofas, loveseats, ottomans, and more.


Pair your furniture with our exclusive Americana chair slipcovers and Americana couch covers. You’ll instantly have appealing and casual Americana décor that celebrates America’s heritage and patriotic spirit without buying new furniture pieces. The good news is Americana style is timeless and now, so is your favorite furniture. SureFit covers will not only give your furniture a new look but extend its life by protecting it from more wear and tear.

Founded in 1914, SureFit has set the trends in the home textile industry for over 100 years. We’ve reimagined classic Americana from the ground up for the home décor of today. We’ve combined its dreams, values, and nostalgia into a collection that’s as homegrown as the Americana style. We invite you to discover it in our Authentic Denim Americana couch covers with the same true-blue character of your favorite pair of jeans. You’ll happily find it in our vintage-inspired Stretch Pinstripe Americana chair slipcovers that will remind you of simpler, more hopeful times without taking away any of its modern comforts and convenience. Even hard to fit wing chairs you thought impossible to cover will look at its vintage best with our traditional Designer Suede slipcover.

Want to start smaller with your home decorating project adopting Americana style? If you have worn-looking pillows lying around, you’ll want to give them an instant, inexpensive makeover too. Our Americana pillow covers are the perfect place to start. Here, we took our inspiration from the traditional craftsmanship of Americana to create covers that are not only appealingly designed but meticulously manufactured.  Choose from Americana pillow covers that will warm up your living space with lush striped textures (Kimbra Striped Pillow), vibrant jewel colors (Mene Red Pillow), and natural softness and charm (Meadow Ruffle Pillow).

If you are a fan of Americana style, SureFit’s Americana slipcovers are the most affordably priced way to dip your toes into this perennial, heartfelt home décor. Not only will you transform your old but well-loved furniture into new heritage-style pieces, but you’ll also protect them from further wear and tear. If you have heirlooms you want to keep safe, our high-quality collection of Americana is especially appropriate.

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