About Armless Throw Collection

Armless Throw Furniture Covers

SureFit’s Furniture Covers are great no matter what style you choose, but the most versatile are our Armless Throw Furniture Covers. These covers are constructed like a standard throw so it’s like the beach blanket you were going to use to cover your sofa in a pinch, but much better.

Have a new puppy, a new baby, a bunch of guests with kids and pets? Your furniture will be completely covered. In fact, you can use our armless throw in your car, on your bed or futon or even on the floor when you need a durable solution.

Everyday living is messy by default and it’s no one’s fault; it’s just life. So, embrace the mess and get on with living. This is what our furniture covers are built for; life. Easy to put on and remove and throw in the wash, these durable furniture covers come in a variety of options and will second as a comfy throw for a couch, sofa or even a bed. The quilted velvet design adds beauty and softness and the armless style fits a variety of futon, sofas, and lounges. These covers are waterproof to help protect furniture from pets and spills. The 100% Polyester construction is durable and easy to care for. For sofas and loveseats, we have a larger sized throw that covers the bigger dimension and for chairs we have a smaller narrower version that drapes over the back, seat and front to fit the chair perfectly. Buy a couple, just to have around the house. You’ll be amazed at how useful these covers can be.

All of our furniture covers are machine washable and are created to fit most furniture sizes. Please check out our Measuring Guide to be sure the product you like matches your needs. Tuck Tight tools are available separately to ensure a great fit.

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