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About Eclectic Simplicity Collection

SureFit slipcovers are room design with an eclectic simplicity style. It takes very little money but uses lots of imagination to instantly makeover your dreary or aged furniture that have seen better days.

Eclectic Simplicity Covers

Decorating for eclectic simplicity requires inspiration, not perspiration since our slipcovers are engineered for fast and easy installation. Customers have said they’ve made over their furniture in as little as ten minutes. You won’t need to replace a thing even when dealing with Box or T-Cushion style couches. It’s time to give your sofa, loveseat, ottoman, and wing chair the decorating TLC they deserve by giving them a simple and fun update.

Eclectic simplicity begins with eclectic décor that blends old and new. Slipcovers won’t limit you to your worn-out furniture, including heirlooms or a well-loved recliner you couldn’t possibly part with. On the other hand, SureFit furniture covers allow you to keep your beloved furniture pieces while mixing time periods, trends, styles, textures, and colors. This is the trademark of true eclectic simplicity. However, your space and home décor will only end up messy and chaotic unless you maintain a clear point of view. The beauty of slipcovers is they can keep a unifying theme even if you have a Hodgepodge collection of sofas, chairs, wing chairs, recliners, and ottomans.

Eclectic simplicity at its best bridges the different textures and styles seamlessly. If you’re having a problem making your antique loveseat and your modern recliner and ottoman work with your décor, slipcovers are the best solution to achieve eclectic simplicity. At the same time, you are safeguarding the beauty of each furniture piece from further everyday wear and tear like dirt, dust, and spills. This will give them more years to come. Think of slipcovers as your much-needed equalizer no matter how your tastes in furnishings evolve. Feel free to fill your home with the things you love no matter how unique as long as it reflects you.

SureFit slipcovers ensure decorating with eclectic simplicity style stays that—simple. Even if the freedom to decorate the way you want is the appeal of being eclectic, the simplicity of our slipcovers ground your creativity to your essential vision. We keep your home decorating vision from crossing the thin line between chaos and contrast. When eclectic simplicity is done well, it shows your guests you are confident in your personal style. With SureFit, your space will always remain sophisticated, simple, and follows the standards of good design.

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