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Fabulous Form Fitting Collection

Our slipcovers are known for their custom upholstery look. This is because we’ve designed them with a two way stretch that fits your furniture perfectly. Our form fitting slipcovers have enough stretch to cover oversized or plush furniture as well as more demur pieces with curves. This is a perfect solution if your needs change over time. Maybe you want to cover a new sofa to keep it safe from pets or kids but 6 months later you inherited an older couch from a family member, and you decide it will be perfect for the basement rec room. Throw that slipcover over it and it will look fresher and more suited to your existing décor. In other words, it’s not a bad idea to have a few slipcovers around the house for when you might need them; guests, entertaining or general lifestyle changes.

Because our form fitting slipcovers are so adaptable you won’t have just one use; you will have many, through the years. You can even send it along with your kid to college or when they find their first apartment or a new home. What’s not to love about a washable slipcover that can transform your room in an instant?

Stretch Modern, Stretch Chenille, Stretch Plus, Stretch Morgan…the list goes on. We have over 100 options for most furniture shapes and styles as well as colors, patterns and feel suited for absolutely every need. We even have a slipcover for a lift recliner and a cinched arm version for furniture that may need a little more give in the armrests. Mix and match with matching pillowcase covers too.

All of our slipcovers are machine washable and are created to fit most furniture sizes. Please check out our Measuring Guide to be sure the product you like matches your needs. Some variations come in one piece, two piece, three piece or four piece, depending on the custom look you prefer most. Fabric Swatches are available to order on each product page to make sure the color and fabric is exactly what you are looking for. Most slipcovers come in Box and T-Cushion options for the seat cushion. Tuck Tight tools are available separately to ensure a great fit.

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