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Let SureFit Home Decor bring you home for the holidays. Discover new collections, new colors and new additions to popular designs to fit your style.

Cozy Home Collection

Shop SureFit’s Get Cozy furniture covers collection to inspire you to decorate for the holidays. You’ll discover trendsetting new colors, fabrics, and styles in drapes, chair covers, couch covers, and sofa slipcovers to help you make your home décor warm, cozy, and welcoming for the season. Since this is SureFit’s signature slipcover solution, our patented designs are made to install fast and easy. You can bring the holiday spirit to your home décor in as little as ten minutes. Best of all, you can restyle your whole home inexpensively but with a custom reupholstered look that will make your holiday guests wonder if you spent a fortune. Why correct them?

Let’s start by choosing the best chair covers for your chair, armchair, or dining chair. If this is your first slipcover purchase, simply think of it as your chair’s new wardrobe. They’re an easy way to dress up your furniture for the holidays. When deciding what slipcover style works for you, you might feel overwhelmed by the sheer amount of high-quality options SureFit can provide you. Think about the look you want for your entire home décor. Do you want to set a loose-fit casual look or a snugger formal mood? Don’t get stuck on just the best color for your cover but the shape of your chair itself. This will dictate the slipcover that works best for what you envision.

Your favorite furniture might be stained, tired, and old, However, if it’s still good structurally, couch covers and sofa slipcovers can still make it an attractive and functional part of your home décor. There’s no sense in paying a fortune for professional reupholstery or worse, buying new furniture. SureFit slipcovers can give even the most outdated, hideous sofas a new lease on life. Next, you must decide on the kind of furniture cover you want for your holiday decorating. We deliver an eclectic offering of cozy slipcovers with different materials, shapes, and styles. Don’t worry, switching slipcovers is simple and affordable. On the other hand, its sure to make an epic impact on your guests.

While what your windows look like for the holidays take a backseat to your furniture, your drapes are more important to your home décor than you realize. In fact, your space can look empty without them. Our selection of window treatments in SureFit’s will add much-needed texture and depth to any room. Choosing the right covers for your windows, sofa, and chairs depend on the look and feel you want to set. Get Cozy furniture covers can inspire you for your holiday decorating with a collection of timeless designs to fit your style.

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