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Are you currently considering throwing out your favorite couch? Maybe it isn’t too late to save it with sofa covers from SureFit. Your sofa has provided years of loyalty through family movie nights and afternoon naps. As one of your most used and abused pieces of furniture, doesn’t your sofa deserve to be brought back to life with new colors and textures thanks to new couch covers from us? With our large assortment of fabric types and hues, SureFit is certain to have the perfect couch slipcover to fit your one-of-a-kind, personal style, from bright and bold to neutral sofa slipcovers.

While your once stunning couch now has unsightly stains and tears, it would be a shame to put it in the dumpster just yet. Instead, save your high-quality furniture pieces without requiring pricey reupholstery. Couch covers can restore it beautifully and inexpensively. Simply find the right look, feel, and style cover and makeover your couch in minutes. Furthermore, our SureFit covers will protect your sofa from more damage in the future. Our durable couch slipcovers are meticulously constructed to withstand tears made by your car keys, coffee stains, and even overenergetic (and destructive) kids and pets. A slipcover will protect your investment.

Have we convinced you covers will bring both cosmetic and functional improvements to your hideous, old couch? Then it’s time to find the right one at SureFit. Start by choosing from two distinct types of covers. Our relaxed fit covers will add a more casual aesthetic to your home décor with its use of woven fabrics. It can be adjusted more loosely to your couch and specially designed to cover skirted furniture. On the other hand, our form fit covers have a snugger fit thanks to stretchable fabrics. It hugs contours better and is ideal for box cushions and T-cushions (available for both). They are also available with separate cushion covers for a streamlined, custom finish that will last you years.

Whether you’re looking for neutral sofa slipcovers or want something bolder, SureFit has the unmatched assortment of fabrics, colors, and styles to match your home interior needs. In fact, you can change your covers to set a new mood for holidays, special occasions, or because you just feel like it. Choosing SureFit sofa covers are also environmentally friendly—you’ll won’t be creating more waste. You’ll also be saving more money by not buying a new sofa. As the home textile leader for over 100 years, SureFit knows saving your sofa is your best option since you’ll also preserve all those precious memories attached to it!

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