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There’s nothing common about window shades just because they’ve remained popular since they started appearing in homes around 1780. Who can resist instantly transforming the way your space looks by adding some classic Roman shades, sweeping large window shades, and one of a kind custom shades? Let your inner interior decorator get inspired by SureFit’s sensational assortment of colors, materials, and designs. Our window shades are sure to bring out the personality of any room from your home office to the nursery to the family room. With our exclusive selection and great pricing, you can personalize every window in your home to look as if they’ve been decorated with more expensive custom shades. And for the more practical-minded, SureFit once again goes outside the box with our child and pet-friendly cordless shades. Furthermore, our energy-efficient insulated shades can significantly cut your electricity bills and help the environment too.

When choosing the best window shades for your home, your first decision is whether to get custom shades or stick to ready-made. In most cases, you’d only need custom made shades if you had a non-standard size window. Fortunately, SureFit carries a wide range of window shade sizes to fit all types of windows. Our diverse collection of fabrics, colors, and designs will fit your specific home décor style whether you lean conventional or casual. You don’t need to spend a fortune on custom shades to make your home interior decorating vision true to life. For example, our Roman shades combine everything you love about traditional window blinds and drapes. Whether you want to create a casual or formal setting, SureFit Roman shades are a timeless and versatile choice for window treatments. We’ve even upgraded their straightforward design with much-needed functionality as cordless shades. You’re sure to love the absence of visible cords and the presentation of a clean aesthetic.

While window shades might be the last thing on your mind when decorating your home, our large window shades and cordless shades can add a lot of flavor to a once drab room. Thoughtfully chosen window shades are undoubtedly an investment in the attractiveness and value of your home in so many ways. First, you will easily add some well-deserved privacy. Next, window treatments such as our insulated shades are essential for controlling the temperature inside your home both during summer and winter. Finally, window shades let you control lighting in your various rooms. Without these plentiful sources of light, you would run up a high energy bill using lamps and other task lighting throughout your home. With SureFit’s unmatched inventory of window shades, you don’t need to pay more for custom shades. You can get the right look at the right price. Shop SureFit today!

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