5 Ways to Update Your Home This Fall

While there’s nothing like the long days of summer, as the temperature starts to drop and the sun starts setting earlier, it is always exciting to begin to usher in the cozy style of autumn. Between the warm tones, sweet treats and falling leaves, the season is ripe with design inspiration for the home.

Performing a full design update every season is far from practical, but there are a few simple ways to bring the cool classics of fall into your home without a complete overhaul. Here are our five favorite ways to update your home for fall:

5 Fall Decorating Ideas

  1. Add a classic pumpkin to the porch.
    Nothing says fall like a classic porch lined with pumpkins of all shapes and sizes. There are so many ways to incorporate pumpkins into a design—even without carving them into jack-o-lanterns. Mixing sizes, textures and colors of various pumpkins from the patch will enhance a cozy, classic curb appeal.
  2. Plant potted fall flowers.
    Mums are ubiquitous with the fall season and do extremely well in planters and pots. Choose a few different colors and varieties to mix and match alongside your pumpkins for a fragrant and fall-filled entryway.
  3. Update indoor accent colors with warm tones.
    Mirroring the wonders of fall foliage inside your home is a great way to usher in the season. Maroon, gold tones, and even deep purples and blues can all be incorporated to change the overall palette and create an autumnal feel.
  4. Add cozy elements.
    Even if the heat of summer is lingering outside, adding cozy elements indoors will change the entire perception of the season. Bring out the fall candles and add throw pillows to accent your furniture. You will be ready as soon as the temperature drops.
  5. Use decor pieces for an easy shift.
    While swapping out every decoration in your home with the changing seasons might not be practical, there are ways to make subtle updates that have a big impact. Items like throw pillows, storage baskets and couch slipcovers can transform the coziness level of a room without requiring a full design overhaul.

Updating your designs for fall is a blast, and it can be cost-effective, too! Adding a stylish, warm-toned slipcover to your living room furniture will enhance the fall feeling and protect it for years to come.


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