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Loveseat Slipcovers Collection

Home decorating is like fashion; it creates a mood, reflects an emotion but also needs to be versatile for varied living requirements that seem to constantly change. It used to be the case that you’d buy a home, upgrade the interior every 20 years, if at all, and live there throughout your entire adult life into retirement. This is no longer the case; people are more agile than ever with jobs and lifestyle changes. Sometimes you need quick solutions that can shift on a dime.

One of the most versatile pieces of furniture that easily goes the distance is a loveseat. It’s small enough for small spaces or starter homes or works great as an added piece for larger homes to accommodate guests and entertaining.

SureFit has an amazing collection of loveseat slipcovers. We can accommodate any need, any color, any texture and any fabric. We have it all.

Like a relaxed fit with a bit of charm? Our Essential Twill, Matelasse Damask, Authentic Denim and Ballad Bouquet by Waverly are all great options. These are typically one piece slipcovers with side ties and a ruffled or pleated front drape. We have matching pillowcases to add to the look and of course options for other furniture shapes too, including chairs and sofas.

Like a cleaner look with a form fit? Stretch Modern, Stretch Chenille, Stretch Plus, Stretch Morgan…the list goes on for color, pattern or multiple piece loveseats.

All of our slipcovers are machine washable and are created to fit most furniture sizes. Please check out our Measuring Guide to be sure the product you like matches your needs. Fabric Swatches are available to order on each product page to make sure the color and fabric is exactly what you are looking for. Most slipcovers come in Box and T-Cushion options for the seat cushion. Tuck Tight tools are available separately to ensure a great fit.

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