Become a SureFit Home Décor Publisher

SureFit Home Décor makes it easy to become a publisher with no cost to join!

Innovative products, a conversion-optimized website & publisher friendly commissions mean more earnings from your traffic.

Program Benefits:

  • Friendly, dedicated staff motivated to skyrocket your earnings
  • Crisp, compelling creative for ads that drive click-through rates
  • Demand-spiking aggressive affiliate promotions
  • Offer Publisher Exclusives to help you drive & convert your traffic

Commission and discount structure:

We offer generous commissions and customer discounts to improve conversions and drive higher earnings per click.

High earning product commissions:

Up to 10%

High converting customer discounts:

Example. 25% Plus Free Shipping On All Orders

How to Join:

  1. Sign up for a Publisher account on LinkConnector.
  2. Agree to the Terms and Conditions for the SureFit Home Decor program.
  3. SureFit Home Decor will review your application and site for approval.
  4. Choose the banners, links and products you want on your site.
  5. Copy the HTML from LinkShare and paste it into your site.
  6. Your users click on the links or banners and go to SureFit Home Decor.
  7. When they buy qualified products, you earn a commission!