Slipcover Styling Tips

It's all about the tucking (and other styling tips) that can make your slipcover go from great to fabulous! Follow some of these tips, or if you have suggestions of your own, let our customer service team know! We are always looking for easy solutions to fit your needs:


  • Tucking tips:

    Use our Tuck Tool to help tuck extra fabric into furniture crevices. Made from styrene, its unique design makes it a snap to securely cover your sofa or insert grips. The tuck-in tool pushes the slipcover or Tuck Once Grips into crevices. The keyhole end smooths excess fabric at the back arm. This unique tool has been ergonomically designed for those with arthritis or long nails. Rubber gloves also help to grip the fabric while positioning the cover.

    Tuck-Once® Grips help to lock your slipcover in place! They keep slipcovers secure and stabilized, with no more tucking. They invisibly hold fabric in place all around the cushions. Made from sturdy crystal-clear flexible elastomer. Easy to install, they can be used repeatedly. Simply insert grips in the crevices between the furniture arms and the cushions. Or, use rolled and banded magazines or foam “pool” noodles to keep your slipcover in place. Simply push into the creases and sit back for a comfortable secure fit.


  • Can I mix and match different fabrics?

    Yes. In fact, one rarely sees the same fabric all around a living room. Mixing patterns and textures is a wonderful way to get a professional decorator look in your living room.  SureFit's slipcover collection is designed to make mixing and matching easy: from stripes and florals to bold and light colors. Not sure what you would like? Order a few swatches, and determine which look would work best in your living space.
  • How do I remove wrinkles?

    To avoid wrinkles after laundering, just pull the cover out of the dryer once the cycle is complete and immediately place it on the furniture. If your cover gets wrinkled in storage, simply toss it in the dryer with a damp cloth on low heat for ten minutes to remove the wrinkles. Do not tumble dry fabrics that have instructions to line dry. You can also use a hand-held steamer.
  • Will slipcovers fit furniture with thin/wooden arms?

    With a little bit of creativity, our slipcovers can fit over most thin-armed furniture. Wrap inexpensive polyester batting from a craft store on the arms to pad them. Secure with string or Velcro. They will be completely hidden under your slipcover.
  • How can you apply slipcovers & furniture covers to leather furniture?

    We suggest that you cover the furniture with non-skid rug padding. This helps prevent the cover from sliding on the leather's slippery surface.
  • Will slipcovers fit furniture with loose back pillows?

    As long as your furniture measurements fall within our standard requirements, simply slip your cover right over the furniture and the pillows. You may have to adjust the pillows by overlapping them or removing a pillow or two depending on the look you want to achieve.