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Frequently Asked Questions


How do I measure my furniture to determine the slipcover size I need?
Our slipcovers are designed and ready-made to fit a variety of furniture, so there's no need for you to measure in advance. Simply determine the type and style of your furniture– chair, loveseat, or sofa – and one of our sizes will provide a great fit. We've conducted decades of field research and fittings of the most prominent furniture styles to create the industry-leading slipcover collection. And we offer super-versatile shape and contour options – including fitted box cushions, back cushions and T-cushions for a tailored appearance.
How do I measure a recliner?
Our one piece stretch recliner slipcovers contour to the shape of your furniture and are engineered to fit most standard recliner sizes. Measure around the back of the chair as if you are giving it a hug. As long as the measurement around the entire back falls between 78” and 88”, our slipcovers should give you a SureFit.
How do I measure a lift recliner?
We carry stretch lift recliner slipcovers in two sizes. The smaller size is for a recliner that lifts from the base and tilts forward within measurement guidelines of 68" to 78”. Our larger/taller lift recliner slipcover will fit chairs from 78" to 92" that telescope from the base and tilt forward. Measure around the back of the chair as if you are giving it a hug.
How do I measure a wing chair recliner?
Our form-fit box cushion wing recliner slipcover is designed to fit a recliner with a maximum seat width of 24" and a back height of 45".
How do I measure a wing chair?
Our form-fit wing chair slipcover for T cushions will fit a wing chair with a maximum seat width of 32" and a maximum back height of 45". Our relaxed fit wing chair slipcover for T cushions will fit a maximum seat width of 29" and a maximum back height of 42".
How do I measure dining room chairs?
Our dining room chair covers will fit most dining room chairs with a maximum height measurement of 42" from the top of the chair to the bottom, a seat depth of 17", and a front seat width of 18".
What size mattress will fit in a futon cover?
Our futon covers accommodate a full sized mattress measuring up to 54" x 75" x 6" and will fit up to an 8" gusset.
How do I measure an ottoman?
Ottoman covers are available in relaxed fit and form fit. For relaxed fit, measure all 4 sides of your ottoman. The maximum total measurement cannot exceed 116" around with a skirt height of 12.5". For form fit, the maximum measurement for the longest side of your ottoman should not exceed 30".
What if my measurements are between sizes?
When in doubt, go with the larger size. It's always better to have extra fabric so you can tuck extra deep.

Selecting the Best Look and Fit

Do I have a box cushion or a T cushion?
When you remove the seat cushion from your sofa, if it is rectangular or square-shaped, it is a box cushion. The outline of “T” cushions are shaped like the letter “T” when you view them looking down from behind your chair or sofa. The "T" shape generally serves to wrap the seat cushion in front of the armrests on both sides.
Can I use a Box Cushion on a T Cushion?
We do not recommend using box cushion covers on T- shaped cushions. The construction of the slipcover would not fit the T cushion.
What is the difference between relaxed fit and form fit?
Relaxed Fit slipcovers are woven for a slightly loose and casual look with adjustability features that can be tucked or tied for a more tailored profile.

Form-Fit slipcovers are made of two-way stretch knit that will follow the contours of your furniture. Smart seam details and elastic bottoms help create a custom, re-upholstered look.
What arm shapes do your slipcovers fit?
We fit most arm shapes including straight, narrow and rolled arms.
What's the best fit on skirted furniture?  Can I use "form fit" on skirted furniture?
The best fit for skirted furniture is a loose skirt, but you can use the form-fit on skirted furniture as well. We suggest that you bring the elastic band well below skirt. The key to a good fit with a form-fit slipcover is to be careful not to overstretch it. Overstretching will cause bowing and will show the skirt beneath.
What is the most custom like fit?
The individual cushion cover styles in both box and T-cushion are as close to custom-fit as you can purchase in a ready-made slipcover.

Our Recommendations for:

Furniture with low arms?
Allow the woven slipcover to drape on the arm height for a shabby chic look, or can mark it and have it customized by a tailor or seamstress. With stretch slipcovers, you can allow the fabric to go underneath the furniture or you can roll up the excess fabric. Remember not to overstretch.
Furniture with thin arms?
To increase the size of the arms you can use foam or batting – normally available at craft stores – to layer over the arm under the slipcover. Another option would be our Cinched Arm Slipcovers because they have an adaptable arm shape or stretch fabric with a relaxed fit of 7" for the width of the armrest.
A box cushion wing chair?
Our Wing Recliner slipcover will fit a box cushion wing chair that does not recline.
You can view our Wing Recliner collection by searching by keyword Wing Recliner.
A sectional that is different than what is in the SureFit photo?
Our armless furniture throws are a great solution for unusual sectional shapes that we don't accommodate with our slipcovers. They may provide the coverage you need. You can view our armless collection by searching by keyword Armless.
A chaise lounge?
Our Deluxe Armless Chaise Cover is the perfect solution! You can view our armless collection by searching by keyword Armless.
A sleeper sofa?
SureFit offers a variety of sleeper sofa slipcovers. A zippered opening beneath the seat cushions allows for easy access to the mattress without removing the slipcover.
You can view our sleeper cover collection by searching by keyword Sleeper.
A chair and a half or oversized furniture?
Please email us photos of your furniture at to sbm-email@surefit.com  We're always compiling information on sizes we do not currently offer for future consideration.
Armless Furniture?
Our quilted velvet Deluxe Armless Furniture Cover is available in sofa, loveseat and chair sizes and may provide the best option for your armless furniture. You can view our armless collection by searching by keyword Armless.

All about Color

How accurate is the color on my computer and in the catalog?
SureFit makes every effort to show accurate color representations of our products online and in our mailings. However, computer monitors vary in their ability to show color precisely. If in doubt, you can order a swatch from us, so you can see and feel the fabric before you purchase – and ensure it will fit your décor.
How do I order a swatch?
Click "swatch" on any product page to order the fabric and color you like and simply check out as you normally would. SureFit slipcover swatches are a great way to try before you buy.
How well do your fabrics match or coordinate?
Within collections we mix and match colors as seen on the SureFit website and in our catalog. Use this as your guide. Swatches are available to allow you to see and feel the fabric before you place your order. We love the idea of accent pieces, so we offer patterned accent chair and wing chair slipcovers to coordinate with our solid offerings. If you prefer personalized recommendations, feel free to call our style experts at 1-888-796-0500.

How to Order

How can I place an order?
Orders can be placed on our website at www.surefit.com, over the phone at 1-888-796-0500, or by mail. Our mailing address is: Sure Fit Inc. 8000 Quarry Rd. Suite C, Alburtis, PA 18011.
Can I add a Promotional Code to Final Sale items?
See the "Details" portion of the promotional message for exclusions and fine print. Discounts are not eligible for Final Sale products. Clearance sales are final and cannot be returned or combined with any other offer.
Where can I find an order form?
Click on the Customer Service link on surefit.com where you can print an order form to place an order by mail. Or call 1-888-796-0500 and we will be happy to help you place your order over the phone. 
When will you ship my order?
Orders placed by 2:00 pm EST will ship 2 to 3 business days after confirmation.  Orders placed after 2:00 pm EST will ship within 3 business days.
I see the collection ID in the catalog, where can I find the item number?
The collection ID allows you to view all products in a collection on our website. Individual item numbers are displayed when you click on a photo or add an item to your cart.
Do you ship to Canada?
Do you offer shipping Outside the Continental U.S. at this time?
We currently offer Shipping to Hawaii and Alaska. 
Do you offer international shipping?
We currently only offer international shipping to Canada.
Do you offer price protection?
If a item’s displayed price is reduced within 7 days of purchase, you may contact us within 14 days of the purchase date and we will refund you the price difference. Products purchased using cart level discount codes are already sold at a discounted price and are not included in this policy. Final Sale products are exempt from this policy.

Installation Instructions

How easy is it to install a slipcover?
It's as easy as 1-2-3! Center the front and back right to left following all labels. Keep the hem even with the floor all around. Tuck any excess fabric into the shoulders and seat crevices for an instant transformation.
What will prevent a slipcover from sliding on leather furniture?
A non-skid rug pad or shelf liner placed on the seat between the furniture and the slipcover should keep your slipcover from sliding. Another alternative is our non-skid Deep Pile Velvet Furniture Covers with paw-printed, silicone pads for non-slip grip. This collection is available in sofa, chair and loveseat sizes.
How can I prevent my slipcover from moving when someone sits on my furniture?
Ready-made slipcovers are not maintenance-free. To improve your fit and prevent excessive movement, we suggest SureFit’s Tuck Once Grips on the seat and arm crevices. They are easy to install and hidden from view.
How can I smooth out the lines between my cushions?
Wrap polyester batting from the back of the cushion over the face and under the cushion for a smooth overall appearance.
What is the best way to tuck in extra fabric?
We recommend using our Tuck Tool to tuck extra fabric into furniture crevices.
How can I get multiple seat cushions into a separate seat slipcover?
Place one cushion into the right corner of the slipcover. Place the other cushion at the left corner and place additional cushions into the center and with an overlap. Pull the cover right to left and zip to close.


Do you sell made to order or custom slipcovers?
We are a ready-made slipcover company, and based on our research of furniture sizes and shapes we feel our premier and individual cushion cover offerings are as close to custom as you can get in a ready-made slipcover.
Do you sell fabric by the yard?
At this time we do not sell fabric by the yard. The best option for anyone looking for fabric is to purchase our slipcovers, ottoman covers or window panels and make complementary items for their homes.
Are your pillows down filled?
Most pillows we sell are polyester fiber filled. Our 20" pillows may come with a 50/50 feather and down fill. Please call us at 1-888-796-0500 for more information – or if you have any sensitivity to natural fills.
What is the lifecycle for a slipcover?
Customers tell us how well our slipcovers wash and wear year after year. They are often ready to change the look in their home before it wears out! Just like fashion, the life of the product depends on your own individual use.
How can I receive a catalog?
You can order a free catalog on our website at request a catalog or call us at 1-888-796-0500.
Can I purchase just the cushion portion of a slipcover?
At this time, we do not sell cushion portions without the slipcover.

Care Instructions

Are slipcovers machine washable?
Yes. All SureFit slipcovers are machine washable.
How do I remove wrinkles and creases?
With our Stretch Fit slipcovers, simply place your slipcover in the dryer with a damp hand towel for 15 minutes to remove packaging creases and improve the nap. Be sure to remove the slipcover from the dryer and install it on your furniture immediately. For deep packaging creases, use a mister bottle with and use your hands to press and smooth the fabric.
With our Relaxed Fit slipcovers, simply place your slipcover in the dryer with a damp hand towel on low heat setting for several minutes. Install immediately on your furniture. For deep packaging creases, you can use a handheld steamer or a mist bottle.
Are pillows machine washable?
We strive to make all our pillow slips machine washable, but there may be exceptions on the decorative and embroidered pillows. We recommend following the care instruction label on the individual product.

Shipping and Returns

How can I check my order status?
If you placed your order online enter your order number and ship to zip code. Keep in mind your order will ship once all items are available. If you prefer to receive the in-stock items before any backordered pieces, call us at 1-888-796-0500. You can check the order status for phone and mail orders by calling 1-888-796-0500.
Are final sale items returnable?
No. Final Sale items cannot be exchanged or returned.
What is your return policy?
Our full return policy can be found here.
How do I return item(s)?
In the US: To return an item you must obtain a return authorization number (RA#) and UPS return label. You can request a label online on our website under returns or you can call us at 1-800-914-8701 to request a return label In Canada: Please call 800-914-8701 for return instructions.
What is a return processing fee?
A return processing fee equal to the original shipping and handling charge will be assessed for all returns. Orders placed during free or discounted shipping promotions will be charged a return processing fee in the amount that would have been charged for shipping and handling during non-promotional shipping conditions.