About Wing Chair Slipcovers Collection

Wingback chair slipcovers make it easy to update the style of your wing chair.

Wing Chair Slipcovers

Wing chair slipcovers are the perfect, inexpensive solution to makeover your stylish but sometimes impractical wingback chair. While wing chairs are always a stylish choice to your home, it's high back and so-named winged sides make it a challenge to cover up until now. SureFit continues to lead the industry in home textile innovations by offering covers for this popular, but often misunderstood category of chairs. We offer the largest variety of slipcovers for wing chairs to not only protect your own esteemed chair but to prolong its life by protecting it from everyday wear and tear as well as pets and kids. No need to replace your wing chair to make it over any longer.

While you might spot traditional leather wingback chairs in formal settings like a library, today’s wing chairs have now entered more contemporary home décor while keeping its hallmark wings. Whether you want to save a beloved heirloom wingback chair from your grandparents or want to protect your investment in a new wing chair, SureFit has you and your chair covered. Our wing chair slipcovers feature a variety of materials like luxe suede, plush jacquard, and casual denim to fit your unique home décor aesthetic. We know making them machine washable only adds more convenience to give your wing chair covers for years of use.

SureFit wing chair slipcovers bring back to form and functionality to your favorite wing chair. We’ve made them to easily fit this classic furniture piece’s one-of-a-kind design. Impeccable construction and thoughtful design mean your slipcovers for wing chairs looks as if your wingback chair was reupholstered lavishly. The true story is you must simply decide on the fabric, style, and design from an inspiring assortment all at an affordable price. Best of all, it takes minutes to install, including for wing recliner slipcovers. Change SureFit slipcovers whenever you want to freshen up your home décor now and then.

While the unique silhouette of the wingback chair might pose a challenge for finding the perfect wing chair slipcovers, SureFit designs and manufactures covers that seamlessly fit. Since we offer a huge variety of colors and styles, you don’t need to look far for the one you want. Plus, you can get as creative as you want minus the high price tag. Our covers protect your investment whether it's old or new furniture pieces. No need to stress over unsightly stains or tears in your wingback chair upholstery that can be costly to clean or repair anymore. SureFit slipcovers can give your wing chair a new lease on life.

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