CCPA Request

Please fill in the form below with details on your request. Asterisk (*) marked fields are required for submission. After submission, our team will confirm the receipt of your request through the email provided and will contact you within 10 days for identity verification before we process your request. If your identity or authority is unverifiable, we will not be able to provide personal information or respond to your request.


We strive to deliver a response to a consumer request within forty-five (45) days of receiving it. Should more time be required (up to 90 days), we will let you know of the extension period and reason in writing. For reasonable requests, there is no fee. However, for requests that are excessive, repetitive, or unfounded, we reserve the right to charge a fee. Do take note that these rights are only applicable to consumers from California, and do not include employees, business contacts, and applicants. Apart from you and someone who is registered with the California Secretary of State that has the authority to act on behalf of you, no one else will be able to make a consumer request that is verifiable about your personal information.