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Couch covers for dogs ensure your pets can snuggle on the couch with you while keeping your furniture protected from the damage they can do. As the leader in home textiles, SureFit designs and manufactures sofa pet covers to make sure you never have to sacrifice your tidy, beautiful home while being a loving pet owner. Our dog couch slipcovers are guaranteed to keep pet hair, dander, and dirt off your couch. Our waterproof covers also protect it from accidents that may stain it. Best of all, our quilted couch pet covers are machine-washable so keeping your favorite seat clean is easy.

Need more reason to buy couch covers for dogs? What about SureFit covers will also save your couch from your pet’s nail and teeth. This is one of the top reasons why your favorite couch needs dog couch slipcovers especially if your furniture uses a material that is easy to scratch and tear. Our covers are the best solution for pet-proofing your couch. Furthermore, slipcovers also significantly dissuade your pets from biting the corners and seams of your couch. Dogs are especially tempted to chew and tear when they’re bored. However, our covers will give them something to chomp on while guarding your furniture.

Ready to purchase quilted couch pet covers? Shop pet cover solutions at SureFit to protect everything from your chaise to your sofa. We even carry covers to protect your car seats which might be in danger too. Available in a wide range of fabrics, colors, and designs that are high-quality and durable. Owners of large dogs should especially consider what material the cover they buy is made out of. Needless to say, the sturdier the material, the better it will withstand Great Dane’s claws. As for color, choose one that matches your dog’s hair to better camouflage your couch when your pet is shedding. Don’t worry—our pet covers are machine-washable and manufactured to stand up in the laundry.

With SureFit sofa pet covers, you never have to sacrifice a beautiful, clean, and intact couch just because you’re a loving pet owner. While it can be a challenge choosing the couch cover for you and your pets, as a longtime designer and manufacturer, our covers are on top of the list for the best ones for your furniture at home. They’re simple to install and gives your well-loved furniture the complete coverage they deserve. Moreover, our covers look stunning while providing functionality and comfort for the whole family—including your pets.

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