Christmas Home Décor Traditions

Christmas is almost here. What better way to celebrate the holidays than to bring out your traditional decorations or add to the festivities with some new ones? Here are some great ways to decorate without breaking the bank:


Christmas decor with lights image

Holiday string lights and lanterns are one of the easiest and most cheerful ways to bring a warm holiday glow to your home. There’s no shortage of options; red, green, white and multi-colored themed string lights, light-up decorative objects (like wreaths) as well as paper lanterns featuring stars, trees and santa in themed colors like white, red and green. Lights are so easy to incorporate into any look. Simply drape lights wherever you need a little glow. Add string lights to a mantelpiece, a shelf (even in bathrooms or kitchens), wrapped around art objects or stuffed into a jar to create a “glass lantern” for your tabletop.


Christmas Ornament image

Christmas tree ornaments don’t need to exist for the tree only. The glitzy, shiny allure of ornaments lend well to any decorating opportunity. Grab some colorful ornaments and display them anywhere you need a little bit of glamour. A large glass jar filled with ornaments can act as a centerpiece to your dining table, an accent to side tables, around the bathroom on the vanity or shelving or even hanging from the guest bath shower curtain. Ornaments also look great on a mantelpiece or tied together as a wreath. Mix and match colors with various textures and sizes and you’ll have endless ways to add shine to your home. Better yet, make the ornaments yourself and add a craft or homespun style to the mix.

Trees and Wreaths and other Bits

Christmas decor Tree image

You cannot have Christmas without a tree, even if it’s a small tree or a bunch of branches places decoratively in a vase and lit with small lights. In fact, a bunch of small trees placed around the home on shelves and countertops is a great way to spread the joy. Pick one color to create a theme for each room or go all out and do it eclectic-mode with multiple colors and styles. Take a bit of evergreen or some pine cones and paint them gold or scatter them among your setting; on tables, shelves and mantelpieces or dining centerpieces.

Holiday Themed and Colorful Decorative Pillows

Pillows are so easy to pull out in a pinch just when you need them. Grab a handful of decorative pillow covers and switch them out, just for the holidays or family gatherings, from your normal day to day pillow covers. A Christmas themed graphic or light up pillow is a great way to bring in the spirit of the holiday. Mix in and mingle with red velvet, white faux fur, silver jacquard woven or other textured fabric decorative covers to add to the look. Your seating area will be festive and inviting. When the holidays are over switch the pillow covers back to your day to day look in an instant.

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