Holiday Bathroom Decorating

Holidays are all parties, hosting, decorating and fun. It’s a great time of year. Make every room of your home sing to the tune of the holidays with cheer and sparkle. With so many ways to decorate your home it’s easy to forget the bathroom. Thought it was only for hand towels and a candle? Here are some great tips for how to add some holiday flair to your bathroom and guest bathrooms.

1. Ornaments on the Shower Curtain

Your kids will love this decorating task. For guest bathrooms that won’t be used for bathing, hang some ornaments from the shower curtain hooks. This is a great way to add color and shine to an unexpected place. Find some harvest or Thanksgiving themed ornaments to use for Thanksgiving and switch them out later when Hanukkah and Christmas come along

2. Wreaths

Just like you can hang garlands and wreaths around your hearth or doorway, you can also hang them on the shower curtain rod, around the mirror or on bathroom towel hangers and rods. Use harvest or Thanksgiving themes for November and switch it up in December with Christmas and Hanukkah themes and colors.

3. Mini Tree

If you have more counter space or a larger bathroom, add a mini tree, decorated and lit. This will bring a warm and festive vibe to the space. For Thanksgiving you can use white lights and harvest themed colors and ornaments. For Christmas or Hanukkah use the same white lights but switch out the ornaments and colors. Alternatively, you could add a sprig of evergreen here and there, lit or unlit, and garnished with a bow or two, and you’ll be all set.

4. Decorative Objects and Color Everywhere 

Bring in the red, green, white, blue, silver and gold! For each holiday there is a color palette to match. This is an easy way to decorate. Pick the color theme for the event and match with towels, candles, decorative ceramic objects such as turkeys or snowmen and ornaments. Just a little touch of the holidays in the bathroom and you’ve got an immediate festive feel.

5. Updated Bathroom Accessories

Bathroom accessories can play a fun part in your decorating if you think creatively. A wood amenity tray or soap dish can second as a tray for ornaments or other decorations while brushed metal accessories can add silver sparkle to the mix.

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