SureFit Launches Mattress Pad Line

NEW YORK-The SureFit slipcover brand of Focus Products Group International has extended its offering to include mattress pads.

The collection is divided into four categories: 2-in-1 Comfort Reversible, Memory Foam, Waterproof and Breathable. All four use SureFit’s trademarked FormFit technology, which features a shape on the corner contoured to fit mattress corners, an opposing stretch on the skirt and silicone grippers on the elastic band. This technology is designed to lock all corners for any mattress up to 18 inches thick.

The 2-in-1 Comfort Reversible pad is made with deep-pile plush on one side for colder climates and moisture-wicking Nanotex Coolest Comfort on the other side for warmer climates. The Waterproof pad features Durasoft waterproof technology on a 300-thread-count cotton cover. The Breathable pad includes a spacer-knit mesh backing that allows excess heat to escape. The Memory Foam pad has a layer of perforated memory foam that follows the body’s natural curvature and does not trap heat or moisture.

“Our mattress pads are an expansion of SureFit’s technology in fabric and fit,” said Marc Navarre, president and CEO of Focus Products Group, in an interview with HFN. “The distribution channels and customer base for the category are also a good fit for us.”

The fact that the mattress pad category overall is very competitive played into Focus’ decision to put SureFit into the mix, Navarre said. “The mattress pad category is mostly unbranded and we bring a well-known brand into the category,” he added.

The new line will be on display at SureFit’s showroom during the September New York Home Fashions Market.

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