SureFit Customer Favorites and Top Sellers of 2019

Having a hard time deciding how to upgrade your décor? Take a look at our list of favorite products to get you inspired for the season!

Everybody loves the look of Suede!

SureFit’s Faux Suede slipcovers are first in line for your decorating needs. Go from shabby to chic in an instant. Our suede slipcovers create a custom suede look without the cost.  Designer Suede, Ultimate Stretch Suede and Stretch Suede come in a variety of options for sofas, loveseats and wing chairs. Available for box cushion or t-cushion, as well as one, three and four piece sets, these slipcovers can be mix and matched as well as brought together with one color theme to coordinate your whole look. While Storm Blue, Linen and Gray are some top favs, you can find them in Taupe and Chocolate as well. The best part is that they are machine washable for easy clean-up after guests or mess.


Quick Cover!

SureFit’s Miracle Mink Furniture Cover has it all; looks, feel and total protection. Hands down this is the best way to keep your furniture looking good, staying clean and easily protected from guests, mess and anything that comes its way. The mink-style fabric is soft to the touch, has loft for a cozier and deeper cushion feel and patterned look with quilted stitching. Easy to put on, easy to take off and machine washable. In a flash you can keep your top furniture protected long term or last minute. It’s also a great option if you just want to change your look for a day or two. Deep blue, Gray, Wine, Olive and Chocolate colors will complement any décor (hint: Wine or Olive are great options for the upcoming holidays).


Romancing the Room

Looking for something a little more decorative to cover your furniture? While many of our slipcovers and furniture covers are designed to fit any décor in a neutral way with solid fabrics and universal colors, it can be fun to throw a bit of whimsy in the mix every now and then. Stretch Pen Pal slipcovers and Heirloom Quilted furniture covers are just the solution.

Stretch Pen Pal

Our WaverlyTM Pen Pal pattern with a soft, stretch velvet fabric styled as a playfully scripted French message can integrate with any classic or contemporary decor. You can mix and match it with our other collections or let it speak on its own. This is really fun way to add a bit of caprice to a favorite lounge chair, wing chair or ottoman.

Heirloom Quilted Sofa Furniture Cover

If you love the country look but you’re décor is mainly contemporary, the Heirloom Quilted Furniture Cover is a great way to quickly add a provincial look to your pieces, while at the same time protecting them from mess, spills and pets.  This cover has the soft puckered texture of a handmade quilt; soft and cozy. Featuring a Medallion Quilt stitch embroidery design, this cover is pre-washed for 'lived in' softness. Handy storage pockets on one arm. This is a great option for pet owners; keep your furniture protected from the dirt and fur of your beloved household dog, cat or any pet.

Our customer favorites are best sellers for a reason; easy to put on and take off, easy to care for and totally practical for everyday living or special occasions. Check out our window treatments and decorative pillows to add to the style and mix and match more colors and textures for a complete look. We have some great holiday pillows to bring all your decorating ideas together just in time for guests and parties. 

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