Top 5 Pillow Fashion Tips the Pro's Don’t Want You to Know

Decorative pillows are an easy and inexpensive way to upgrade your overall décor or change your look to suit the mood of the week. The great thing about pillows is that the insert can stay the same; but the decorative cover that can change in an instant. Pillows are a great way to add comfort and color to sofas and lounge chairs as well as a guest bed or even bar stools and dining room chairs for a little more back support. Grab a handful of inserts and tons of covers to keep on hand and you’ll never have a decorating conundrum again.

Consider Pillow Size

Most decorative pillows come in standard sizes like 18 x 18 or 20 x 20 square. Once you buy a few inserts in this size you can buy multiple decorative covers to switch your look. Add an accent to your regular square pillows by mixing in small or rectangular sizes like 14 x 20 or 14 x 24. Arrange the larger pillows in back and place a few smaller sizes up front to highlight color or scripted message covers.

Have Fun with Patterns and Textures

So many fabrics and colors, so little time. Mixing up lush solids like velvet with fancy patterns like jacquard can be super fun. Grab some smaller accent covers with text or script, highlighting your favorite quote, and you’ll create a vibe that’s rich and vibrant. Pair bright sequins with bold mid-century modern geometrics to create an ultra-modern look. Add some faux fur in unexpected colors like purple and all of a sudden you have a glamorous, but cozy, spot to read or relax.

Great Gifting

Speaking of scripted messages, decorative pillows can make a great gift for a friend or someone you want to support with a sweet or inspiring message. Whether it’s a holiday message or for someone who needs a little pick me up, scripted decorative pillow covers can remind everyone of the sentiments that are really important while also adding color and style.

Quick Holiday Decoration

Don’t have time for the full décor this year? No problem light up decorative pillows are the solution. A few well-placed light up pillows create charm and fun to any corner of the room. Halloween, Harvest/Thanksgiving or Christmas/Hanukkah; grab a cover for each holiday and make any last minute guests and entertaining super simple.


If you keep a variety of pillow covers on hand in a variety of colors and themes you can literally rotate them out every few months (or if your mood changes sooner than that). This is a super inexpensive way to “re-decorate” or upgrade your look on a whim. Having a fancy dinner party? Grab some sequin or beaded pillow covers that will shine with elegance and sophistication. Just a few friends visiting for the weekend? Bust out some bright florals and happy solids in yellow or pink. After the festivities, you can go back to the subtle neutrals you prefer for your own understated look when no one is around.

Decorative pillows can shift the look of your décor in an instant. You can go from minimalist to modern to glam to festive to sophisticated and back to minimalist with a near wave of your hand. Bold colors and rich textures can add dimension to any room in a way that looks expensive and thought out but really only required changing a few covers. For more ideas check back with us for new holiday styles and trends!

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