What’s on Trend for Winter 2019-2020

An autumn season with winter and holidays approaching, the key word here for home décor trend is cozy! This autumn and winter are all about layered visuals with bold color or neutrals. The materials are metallic; gold, brass and copper for refined glamour as well as the grounded and earthy feel of natural wood. Add retro graphics and patterns to keep that mid-century vibe still in the mix and you’ve got Scandinavian design meets the Golden Age of Hollywood. Creating layers with accents and accessories can add different patterns and textures in a lush way and even out a minimalist look or refine a more eclectic vibe. Blush, Emerald, Peacock Blue, muted purples, rust, coral neutrals and tropical themed graphics can add for variation and pop.



Pillows are a great way to layer textures, patterns and colors into your décor. Need something refined but energetic? A bold geometric decorative pillow will hit the spot. For more texture, layer in some deep coziness with a shag decorative pillow.

Blending colors and tufted or woven jacquards will add dimension to the look if paired with staple items like velvets or solids. Global inspired prints and fabrics, that look primal but timeless, are a great way to mix up patterns to create an eclectic look.


Window Treatments

To keep things super cozy, layered window treatments are a great way to add color, texture and varying degrees of light filtering or blackout effect for your windows. Start with blinds over the windows; insulating roman shades, pleated shades, cellular shades or top down/bottom up shades and add drapes and a valance to round out and frame the look.

Adding drapes to a window can actually give the visual effect of making the window seem bigger; creating a focal point in a certain part of the room, or just making the overall room look more impressive. Adding drapes with luxurious fabrics like velvet or thick jacquard will add warmth and insulation and make the room seem cozier overall.



Entertaining will always be on trend. Make sure your décor can stand up to the activity and look great too! Furniture slipcovers and furniture covers are a great way to add protection and style to your existing furniture. To create a more minimalist or neutral look to suit what’s hot now, grab a slipcover or furniture cover for multiple pieces to unify your look. Cotton duck on your sofa, chair, loveseat and dining room chairs will create a clean, crisp tone that brings the whole room together and protects from kids, pets, guests, wine spills or football games.


Already have too many neutrals in your home? Add some bold color and to fit the trend with deep tones, try slipcovers in deep blue or burgundy.

There are so many ways to add some new styles inexpensively while also warming up your décor this fall/winter season. Don’t be afraid to mix and match fabrics, patterns and textures to create a diverse style throughout your home. For all your decorating needs, SureFit’s got you covered!

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