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Ed & Mary's Favorite Room

Ed and Mary have retired just recently. This included moving into a small, cozy apartment. They hoped they could redecorate to kick off this important, new stage in their lives. However, like most retirees, Ed and Mary had a limited budget so they couldn’t afford the new furniture they wanted—even for their favorite room, the living room. Worse, their old sofa, loveseat, chairs, and recliners were starting to look their age. Would this be the end of Ed Mary’s favorite room? Not when they’ve found SureFit, the only place to find furniture covers that look like custom slipcovers specially made for their favorite furniture.

Since 1940, SureFit has been the trailblazer in home textiles. That’s over 100 years of expertise in designing and manufacturing furniture covers that look like expensive custom slipcovers but without costing a fortune.  For Ed Mary's Favorite Room, they picked out Juliet Chambray floral one-piece slipcover to cover their worn-out sofa. Although it came from SureFit’s exclusive designer Waverly Collection, Ed and Mary were happily surprised it was more than affordable. Since they both loved spending time in the garden, this particular motif was a perfect match for them. SureFit’s wide variety of colors, fabrics, and styles can certainly be overwhelming but it was always better to have lots of options than none at all.

In Ed Mary's Favorite Room, Mary had a chaise that saw better days. Even if they had the budget to replace it, she preferred not to have to. The Deep Pile Velvet Chaise Furniture Cover looked like a custom slipcover for this hard to fit chair. Since it was a throw-style of slipcover, it was even faster and easier to install. On the other hand, the microfiber material made it ideal for when their grandkids and their pets visited. Ed and Mary were prepared to deal with any mess coming their way. Mary enjoyed the slipcover’s velvety soft feel so much that Ed bought a Deep Pile Velvet Recliner Furniture Cover for his well-loved recliner as well.

Although Ed and Mary now gave their two favorite seats in Ed Mary's Favorite Room new looks and additional years of use, they were still well under budget for their decorating project. However, you couldn’t tell. From the looks of it, they had just bought a new chaise and a new recliner. The truth, of course, was they bought SureFit furniture covers that looked like far more expensive custom slipcovers! Which one of them was going to tell?

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