Matelasse Damask

Matelasse Damask

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Matelasse Damask Slipcovers

Matelasse Damask slipcovers can give your old and worn-looking chairs, dining chairs, loveseats, ottomans, and wing chairs a fresh look and feel. Matelasse Damask is inspired by classic damask, which has long stood for luxury and the height of sophistication embodied in its intricate texture and understated color options.

Choose from tan, chili, gold, sage, blue, or white to brighten up or tone down your space. Matelasse Damask slipcovers, from home textile trendsetter SureFit, are crisp and impeccably tailored. It lends a cozy modern vibe without losing any of its more casual ease. Our slipcovers are an affordable and straightforward way to upgrade all your well-loved but much-used current furniture.

Whether you want to extend your heirloom sofa’s life or want to coordinate your mismatched dining chairs, Matelasse Damask slipcovers are the best way to do it in a cushioned comfort. In fact, while Matelasse is French for “cushioned".

Matelasse Damask is a plush textile that looks and feels well-padded but has no actual padding within the fabric. As a result, our Matelasse Damask slipcovers are lightweight for a relaxed, effortless fit for your sofa, ottomans, and chairs. Even your hard to fit wing chair can get a quick, hassle-free update with our one-piece slipcover that accommodates a variety of shapes and covers the entire piece of furniture. Furthermore, simple and easy need not be boring.

In fact, SureFit’s goal with Matelasse Damask slipcovers is not just to protect your sofa and chairs from dirt, dust, spills, and other messes, but to give your old furniture a new life. This style of slipcover isn’t restricted to neutrals and whites. We offer a satisfying number of options to match your home decorating vision. Feel free to channel your inner interior designer as you create everything from cool

Blues to red hot Chili moods with Matelasse Damask slipcovers. We offer a wide range of colors to find what will look spectacular for your specific decor.  Besides, our slipcovers are an inexpensive way to coordinate your mismatched furniture you thought useless. Simply blend your chairs, dining chairs, sofas, couches, loveseats, ottomans, wing chairs, and pillows with our unifying damask motif.

Matelasse Damask slipcovers are a way not just to upgrade your old and tired furniture, but makeover your home too. Best of all, SureFit Matelasse Damask slipcovers will let you look like you spent a fortune on custom reupholstery without spending it. You’ll also protect your furniture pieces from even more damage in the future.

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