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Do you have an ancient recliner at home you’re not ready to part with yet despite the wear and tear (and stains) on it? As with your other furniture, if you still truly care about it, you will want to preserve your beloved recliner. As the top home textile designer and manufacturer in the marketplace for over 100 years, SureFit has its signature solution to save your recliner. Recliner slipcovers are the best way to revive tired old furniture while also protect them from future abuse. We offer the largest assortment of covers for recliner chairs such as colors, styles, and materials. Shop SureFit for recliner slipcovers that will not only bring a new look to your recliner but a new feel and new functionality.

There’s nothing like relaxing in a cozy recliner after a long, hard day of work. That’s why recliners are literally the favorite seat in your house. Unfortunately, that means it is used and abused. However, just like you put a lot of thought choosing your recliner for its features and aesthetic appeal, you should put some time and thought into picking out your perfect recliner covers as well. SureFit offers everything from waterproof to machine washable and one-piece and two-piece covers for recliner chairs options as well. Grab the opportunity now to protect your favorite chair from spills, moisture, and other messes.

Never worry about everyday messes especially from your kids and pets on your recliners again. Our recliner covers are easy to remove and machine wash. Worried your slipcover will be too loose to comfortably sit on? Thanks to non-slip backing, you don’t need to sacrifice having a fashionable chair again for the ultimate comfort. Some cover material is even built to stay dry while bringing back some much-needed comfort with additional fiber filling. Other SureFit slipcovers even have the luxe look and feel of real vintage leather for the topmost upgrade your well-loved recliner deserves. You can add a new sophisticated depth and texture to your room in minutes and affordably.

Recliner slipcovers are a great idea whether you want to give your cherished recliner a new look or lengthen its life by protecting it from spills, stains, and further damage. Rest assured. we’ve thoughtfully designed and manufactured our recliner covers to do both jobs. Whatever style you envision for your home, only SureFit has the variety to make it a reality at a price always within reach.

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