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Poor Scott. His favorite room in the house, the living room, is starting to look shabbier than chic. The loveseat he inherited from grandma that he once thought had lots of charm only has lots of stains and—YIKES!!!—smells. Meanwhile, the fresh, modern sofa he bought when he first moved into this place a decade ago is still cozy enough for his lazy Sunday afternoon naps but is worn-looking thanks to his pets. What to do apart from buying new furniture or having his old pieces professionally reupholstered—both costing a huge fortune? Fortunately, Scott found SureFit for high-quality loveseat slipcovers and leather sofa slipcovers that can makeover his favorite furniture to look as if they’re brand new. Best of all, it’s at prices he can easily afford.

Scott has heard only great things about SureFit! The company has been around since 1914 and have been synonymous with the design and manufacture of top-of-the-line couch covers and sofa slipcovers for over 100 years. Back to Scott’s favorite room, Scott wanted to give his heirloom loveseat the TLC it deserves while giving his space the splash if color without painting the walls. He found the Ultimate Stretch Suede Three Piece loveseat slipcovers. Not only did it come in luxurious suede, his choice material, but he had a choice of eight eye-catching colors from traditional luggage to grandma’s favorite, rose smoke. Scott even bought a pair of matching Sino Fret Misty Rose Pillow to give his beloved loveseat more texture and depth.

If only Scott had heard about SureFit’s signature solution when he first bought his leather sofa. Leather sofa slipcovers could have prevented wear and tear on his leather sofa, protecting it from dirt, dust, and spills. SureFit covers would have also safeguarded it from scratches from his pets along with other damage. Better now than never. It can still prevent even more damage while giving it a new look. For that, Scott chose the Ultimate Stretch Leather Four Piece sofa slipcover. It took just ten minutes to install and Scott had an expensive-looking, new leather sofa or at least the cover made his old one look as if he’d just spent a fortune getting it custom upholstery. Scott was even more surprised he could remove this heavyweight cover just as fast to wash it.

That’s how Scott’s favorite room went from shabby to chic again thanks to SureFit’s couch covers.

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