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If you want your home to truly reflect your personality, window treatments, including window curtains, drapes, window valances, and window scarves are the perfect way to do it. As the home textile leader for over a century, SureFit has a wide assortment of colors, fabrics, and styles to make your unique home décor vision a reality. However, to understand how to best use the distinct charm of window treatments in your home, you must first know your options. While everyone, including professional interior decorators, uses drapes and window curtains interchangeably, their characteristics are quite different.

First, window curtains and drapes are fabric panels that are usually sold in pairs. Both hang from rods by various means such as grommets, hooks, rings, or fabric sleeves on top of the panel. As you can see, they are easy to confuse. On the contrary, curtains like our Macau Embroidered Sheer Window Curtain Panel Pair or Konya Metallic Window Curtain Panel Pair are easily used over other window treatments like shades and blinds. Since they are usually made from lightweight, unlined fabrics, window curtains can still let light in. These make them efficient for everywhere else but the bedroom. In the bedroom, you may want to choose drapes like our Mika II Room Darkening Drapery Panel Pair or Finland Room Darkening Window Curtain Panel Pair since they are lined and sometimes made from heavier fabric. Therefore, they can better keep the light out and protect your slumber or your privacy.

Next, window valances like SureFit’s Macau Embroidered Window Valance and Adalina Embroidered Window Valance conveniently hide your window treatment’s hardware, including your curtain rods and window shades hardware. However, you mustn’t overlook how easy window valances let you add extra texture and depth to your home décor. Window valances prove it takes minimal material to add a generous splash of drama when you choose the best colors and textures. Meanwhile, using window scarves will require you to channel the interior decorator inside.  While window scarves still seamlessly hide all that unsightly window treatment hardware you may be using, they require a lot of finesse to hang in front or on the sides of your windows. Since they can be used on their own on a curtain rod or to accentuate your window curtains and drapes, you will have plenty of room to dazzle your guests with imagination and ingenuity all your own. Of course, you must start with a visit to SureFit for the inspiration and full repertoire of window curtains, drapes, window valances, and window scarves to create the home of your dreams.

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