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Size & Fit FAQs

You are sure to be inspired to channel your inner interior designer by our massive selection of furniture slipcover products. With an exciting variety of colors, fabrics, and styles, you might still be wondering what will fit your home décor. Below are our answers frequently asked questions (FAQs) SureFit receives:

  1. Do you have camelback covers that will fit camelback furniture?

Yes. Our standard couch slipcovers can be used as camelback slipcovers as long as it falls under our standard measurements. However, to ensure a good fit, we recommend using our stretch products.

  1. Will your furniture covers fit a sofa bed?

No. We have sleeper sofa slipcovers especially designed to fit and work best for sofa beds.

  1. Can your loveseat slipcovers fit furniture that doesn’t have arms?

For the best use, we highly recommend using our furniture throws for furniture without arms.

  1. Will your loveseat slipcovers still fit furniture with thin or wooden arms?

You’ll need to be a bit more creative and resourceful, but our couch slipcovers can fit over thin-armed and wooden-armed furniture. Simply buy inexpensive polyester batting from your local craft store. You can wrap your furniture’s arms to pad them. They can be secured with Velcro or household string. Don’t worry—the ties will remain completely hidden under your furniture cover.

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How to Measure Your Sofa for a SureFit Slipcover

Sold on SureFit’s signature furniture slipcover solution? Start your furniture makeover by following these best fit tips for measuring your furniture piece before you purchase couch slipcovers:

Measure your frame and cushions for these elements:

    1. Seat length: Total length of all seat cushions between the arms
    2. Seat height: Height of seat cushion
    3. Couch length: Measure base, left to right, about 4″ below the seat cushion
    4. Arm to arm: Measure distance outside arms at widest point
    5. Couch depth: Measure side depth at the bottom - seat cushion level
    6. Arm depth: Measure Arm depth, from the tip of the arm to its back
    7. Skirt width: Measure from underneath seat cushion down to the floor (center of furniture)
    8. Back overlay: Remove seat cushion and measure from seat cushion base over the back and down to the floor
    9. Arm width: Top of the arm, measured at widest point
    10. Arm width: Bottom of the arm, measure at the lowest point
    11. Arm height: Measure from the tip of the arm down to the cushion base
    12. Seat depth: Measure the depth of the seat cushion
    13. Back height: Remove the seat cushion, measure from the base of furniture to top