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Loveseat covers will give your favorite loveseat a brand-new life. Whether you want to add more years to its life or create a whole new look for your home décor, use SureFit’s signature slipcovers for loveseats can add that much needed fresh splash of color and depth. We’ve been designing and manufacturing loveseat slipcovers since 1914. We keep up to date on the latest trends as well as honoring the traditional styles they were built upon. From classic to contemporary, we offer an eclectic inventory to fit your unique, personal design vision that your visitors will mistake them for custom-made.

When deciding on loveseat covers for your much-loved seating, you can start by choosing between our one-piece slipcovers to fit snugly over your whole loveseat, two-piece and three-piece covers to accommodate sizing variations and even slipcovers that drape comfortably over the arms for a more casual appearance. Rest assured, whichever style you pick, SureFit loveseat slipcovers are all engineered for fast and easy installation so they makeover your loveseat and your room in as little as ten minutes. Also, our patented design uses durable elastic in the seat seams that tuck under your cushions and keep them in place. Our covers are not just a sensible solution for home decoration but they’re eye-catching too.

When thinking about loveseat covers, you also need to decide on the material you want for your cover not just for aesthetics but also for functionality. As the leader in home textiles, SureFit offers the largest variety of fabrics so you’re guaranteed to find the perfect match for your design daydreams. To illustrate, a relaxed, Damask cover works for those relaxing, coastal summers while a simple stretch Twill one-piece snugly highlights the natural silhouette of your loveseat. Slipcovers for loveseats can even feature festive motifs for the holidays, luxe embroidery for the ultimate in sophistication, and down-home colors and patterns to complement your heirloom furniture pieces.

Since they’re so cozy and comfy, loveseats are bound to be favorite seating in the house. That means they will also face a lot of wear and tear. Fortunately, loveseat covers can protect it for the future and extend its life. You also get the bonus of giving it a relatively inexpensive style makeover. With SureFit’s wide-ranging selection, you will have lots of options of how you want to upgrade your loveseat’s look and feel to further enhance your home interiors. Best of all, SureFit has designed our slipcovers to be easy-to-use so you can makeover your furniture pieces and your room instantly.

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