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Patio furniture covers keep your outdoor furniture looking great all year round.

Patio Furniture Covers

Patio furniture covers can keep your outdoor furniture looking great and keep them in great shape all year long. Decorating the outdoor area of your home with chairs, sofas, tables, benches, heaters, fire pits, and more can be quite costly. Doesn’t it make sense to protect your investment from the sun, pollution, and constant exposure to the elements? Especially when SureFit, the number one leader in home textiles, has everything you need at an affordable price and a wide range of styles and fits to make sure all your outdoor furniture pieces are protected by our practical patio furniture slipcovers.

Our outdoor covers will keep your outdoor furnishing clean and your yard looking at its best for many years to come. Since most outdoor furniture might be made to withstand these conditions, it’s easy to ignore the need for slipcovers. On the other hand, our patio furniture covers will help significantly prolong the life of your patio furniture. With SureFit’s signature covers, they won’t be as susceptible to the usual wear and tear that can leave looking old and worn down, which can be worse outdoors. This adds up to both short-term and long-term advantages from using our patio furniture slipcovers.

When it comes to patio furniture covers, SureFit has the largest inventory to protect all your patio pieces, including practical, all-around combination patio table covers that are huge enough to shelter your whole patio set, including tables and chair. Our in-house Patio Armor brand patio furniture slipcovers were engineered and manufactured to truly provide 360-degrees of superior protection to withstand rain, snow, and sun. Since they use the most durable, water-resistant materials and reinforced with sturdy nylon threads, you don’t have to worry about tearing, ripping, cracking, scratching, or fading. SureFit covers are made to serve you year-round not just when the weather gets rough.  For example, use them when you don’t plan to use your outdoor furniture for an extended time such as when you go on vacation.

When you’re ready to use your furniture again, such as summertime, simply remove your patio furniture covers to relax outdoors. You can even use our covers daily to keep your outdoor furnishings safe and protected. SureFit patio furniture slipcovers are easy to remove and replace at a moment’s notice, making them even more convenient. Furthermore, our covers can be used outside and inside to keep your entire patio furniture set clean and safe even stored in your garage.


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